Marble has continually been in Italian architecture for more than 2,000 years and has always been a favored building material. The best known artists and designers of Italian marble have played key roles throughout the rest of the world in the formulation of esthetic principles inherent to the use of marble today.

The use of granite has had such a vast development over the past decade that designers and architects are integrating its use as often, if not more than marble. The Italian stone industry, along with today's technology has promoted the development of granite to such an extend that it would be impossible to plan a project without the integration of granite. It is this innovation of technology that has given rise to its growth.

New concepts in machinery and tools for processing stone have created a revolution in the market for Italian marble and granite.

For many years American architects and designers have taken the opportunity to work closely with Italy to become educated in the design, perseverance and efficiency of Italian stone. Italy has provided an unique education to architects and designers for the development of projects throughout the U.S. and the rest of the world.

Dario Piolanti Company is based in Marina di Carrara and has been operating and contributing its experience and knowledge in the stone industry since 1985

The cost of marble and granite is less expensive than most people would think; in fact, it is comparable to that of other materials used for building

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